Sample Essay

Toyota’s struggle started with this tenure by lowering their prices and obviously if they are reducing the prices, definitely the profit margin would be less . Hence, Mercedes-Benz ”MCC smart” which was the profit oriented luxurious car has to suffer this great loss of $64 billion from the year 2000 till 2005. As the over-all market was down, all the other competitors had to put their heart and soul and yet wouldn’t call for a Satisfactory time. At that time, in order to generate the profit and avoid certain losses which were to be followed at that time Toyota introduced this Aygo minicar which was responsible for uplifting the over-all market of the economy and there was a bash about this all over the country as Toyota challenged the international market noticing many of their traditional views as this car was specially designed for the Europeans. The factory was a joint venture with the Peugeot/Citroen Group (PSA) in theCzechRepublic.

It was a big challenge for the marketing manager of the Aygo to sell 100,000 units annually in order to guarantee that they are in a much better situation to buy the factory in the Czech Replubic. A great saying, “Strategies are made by everyone but they are not many who actually follow them.” This was a brief historical perspective of how this big name accepted challenges and currently ruling the International Market.

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