Sample Essay

Toys R Us has enjoyed success as a pioneer in toys segment in the United States. However, it had lost its competitive advantage because of cut throat competition from discount retailers. To regain its competitive advantage it needs to develop its core competency and for that it needs to allocate the right set of resources to identify the resources at hand and the resources that it needs to develop. Determining the gap will help Toys R Us to identify, build and sustain its developed capability.

Moreover the contemporary business environment is characterized by change. Toys R Us needs to be market oriented as well as customer oriented to adapt to changes or better be proactive about the changing world of work. It needs to differentiate itself amongst its competitors and communicate the value it offers to its customers. Otherwise it will be an uphill task for Toys R Us to compete in the market and survive in the market. It needs to find sub-segments in the market or niches and cater to those product niches rather than competing head on with Wal-Mart or Target Corporation. It needs to diversify into international markets and scan the environment for upcoming marketing opportunities that it can serve and plan strategies in a proactive rather than a reactive manner.

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