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In major business management and brand differentiation, a traceable item should seek to fulfill both: on one hand it should represent the logistic unit where traceability is to be applied; and on the other hand, the level of accuracy that reflects the organization’s required risk profile. 15 The date information, in most cases is used as a major focal point to facilitate “First In First Out” warehouse management systems in addition to other management areas such as analysis of the sales sequence.20

Application Identifiers for appropriate date information are usually available in GS1-128 labeling. However, Use By Date” “Best Before Date”, “or “Expiry Date” are also very useful and vital data elements though not normally used as a key identification for traceability purposes since they may not carry sufficient information as the Serial Numbers or Batch numbers do. 23 According to legislation or specific supply chain requirements, suppliers may need to agree, create, record, collect, and share on a wide range of other data elements that are appropriate for their business organization and traceability legal issues. Therefore, they need to identify these elements and plan on how to ensure that appropriate arrangements can be established and maintained. 4 And once all parties and business committed processes have been explicitly well defined, they should validate the whole model. In particular, attention must be paid to the capabilities of Parties to fulfill the delivery process requirements and the goods receiving process requirements. 30

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