Sample Essay

The products that are generally being imported to New Zealand are from countries like China, Korea, Malaysia and Hong Kong because these countries are located in Asia Pacific region and are the most prosperous economies with best manufacturing and production facilities available. Furthermore these nations are geographically closer to New Zealand as compared to many European countries that are also engaged in production of various kinds of products. In brief, most of the products that are available in Trade Aid Shops in New Zealand are from Malaysia. Therefore to conduct a research on suppliers’ views on developing new products for Trade Aid Shops in New Zealand it is fairly important to use Primary & Secondary Methods to capture maximum research data and make the research work successful.

Firstly, in order to gather some first hand and fresh data on suppliers’ views, few individuals have been assigned the job of conducting surveys on the manufacturing firms that are solely focusing on manufacturing products that are later to be exported to New Zealand to be sold at Trade Aid Shops. While conducting surveys the in-charge of manufacturing and merchandisers are questioned on a few aspects regarding their plan of manufacturing goods for trade aid shops in New Zealand.

While conducting surveys, a set of questions were put up by the interviewer to gather data for the research. As the manufacturers are solely manufacturing the goods to be exported to New Zealand so they were asked that how were they able to know about the goods that were high in demand in New Zealand.

For that question, most of the manufacturers answered that they have their agents located in different cities of New Zealand who keep them informed about the goods that have high demand and can be sold off at high rates in New Zealand.

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