Sample Essay – Training of Employees

In organizing events, there is not much time for training. Decision making occurs on the run and the event is over before anyone can think about performance appraisal. The environment is further characterized by a fast pace, high stress levels and many workers are fatigued by the bump in period before the event audience pours through the gates to add yet another level of pressure. These features of the human resources environment are quite different to those of the traditional workforce. (Wagen, 2006)

The selected appointees should be taken through a proper induction (or orientation) and training program, so that they can relate to the plans of the Library of Congress regarding the National Book Festival and develop a bonding with the cause themselves.

As part of this training, the appointees should be given:

  • Basic information about the event including its mission, objectives, stakeholders, budget, locations and program details
  • Tours of venues, offices and other relevant areas
  • Introduction to other staff members, particularly the supervisors and portfolio holders
  • Briefing on the history, culture and working arrangements of the Library of Congress
  • Job specific training programs starting the having a discussion with the individuals on their job descriptions so that they have a clear understanding of what is expected of them

Each appointee can also be given a kit that contains:

  • Message from the First Lady
  • Message from the Librarian of Congress, James H. Billington
  • A statement of event mission and goals
  • An organization chart
  • A name badge
  • A staff list

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