As mentioned earlier, listening is one of the skills or traits of a therapeutic communication required and as a physician, or a doctor during the interview period, there is a need to maintain an open mind and eliminate both the external and internal noise and distractions, and channel his or her attention to all verbal and nonverbal messages from the patients. Listening mostly involves the listener’s ability to recognize the patients pitch and tone of their voice, recognition of   hesitancy or intensity of speech and evaluation of vocabulary and choice of words used as part of the total communication attempt.

For example in the case of a patient crying aloud for help or crying in pain in the midst of a communication, the nurse has to analyze the status of the suffering of the patient and in this way, the illness is determined. This cry for help in most cases sounds very different from the call for assistance as a physician might make when requesting for help in physician’s order transcribing (Tova, Myron & John, 1990).

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