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Journalism or any other form of transferring information increasingly relates to psychology of public. Psychology brings cognitive theories to media studies. It helps the journalism to relate more to what is presented by media and what is received by the public. Participatory journalism is the result of such theories. In educational discussions of mass media, psychology has long endowed with perceptions, techniques, and theories of its function. All types of media can be portrayed in simple terms, for instance if someone comments about a movie that it was comical or romantic or heartbreaking, or saying an article was very distinguished, or describing the Internet as chaotic.

But when the theories of a discipline are added to an investigation of something, those theories give the subject matter a structure, or a hypothetical standpoint. Though what psychologists have revealed about media and its interaction with public is diverse. Some psychologists explore the messages we see or hear and their influence on people: subliminal messages in advertisements or the way women are portrayed on television. Women on television are commonly very skinny. Psychologists have done research that proposes that the bonny women on television make a stereotype that reads aloud that women should be thin. But the real-life women have different body sizes so they don’t feel good about themselves. Research also tells that because of these stereotypes eating disorders have increased among women. Sometimes it is what we do not see and hear in the media that makes or enforces a stereotype. For instance, have you ever seen a sitcom that revolves around an Asian-American family? Not seeing Asian-Americans on television keeps such people invisible in the mainstream of society. Since the media has become a source of shared cultural experience that people use to understand the world around them, it is important to explore what we are getting from the media. (Lane 2001)

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