Sample Essay

Intertwined with the concept of leadership is the concept of employee behavior. Leaders actually influence employee behavior to make it favorable to the organization. Transformational leaders “inspire followers to transcend their own self interests for the good of the organization”. (Robbins S. P., Judge T. A. ,2006, 437). Employee behavior tends to be directly affected by the role they play in an organization. To mold employee behavior in accordance with a newer organizational strategy, employees should be made to practice the newer set of organizational beliefs. This will help to reinforce organizational beliefs and amalgamate them into their roles, responsibilities and relationships. (cited in Beer, B., Eisenstat R. A., Spector B.,(1990, Nov-Dec). By implementing this concept organizations can effectively regulate business issues arising from unacceptable employee behavior.

 In order to be effective organizations need to inculcate commitment as a form of behavior into their employees. In effect employees that are satisfied with their jobs tend to be more committed than others. Employee behavior is also affected by organizational structure: “In general organizations that are less centralized have a greater amount of participative decision making. And the evidence suggests that participative decision making is positively related to job satisfaction”(Robbins S. P., Judge T. A. ,2006, p.561).

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