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Another most compelling aspect of this case study is a consideration of the Afghan translator’s background and education as qualification of respondent to serve as an English translator for the ISAF. It is also noted that the Afghan translators’ level of education are instrumental to the removal of the Taliban and the subsequent installation of the Interim Authority since it relates to educational experience of the translators during Afghanistan’s Civil War as well as of Taliban’s governance for a certain period (Banzet & de Geoffroy, 2006;

Education and the role of the NGOs, 2006; Karlsson & Mansory, 2004; Shirazi, 2007). Afghanistan’s system of education established the context of continuing cooperative efforts between Afghanistan government, its people and the greater international community (Banzet & de Geoffroy, 2006; Sommers, 2004). Significantly, the system of education across primary, secondary and tertiary programs is noted (Moreno, 2005; Shirazi, 2007) including the status of teaching profession in the country (Islam, 2007; Kirk, 2004; Roshan, 2004; Spink, 2004) and the prevailing low literacy and high attrition rates among children. All these have correlation to the performance of the translators in the country (Andersen & Kooij, 2007; CIA Factbook, 2009; Dupree, 2002; Education and the role of the NGOs, 2006). The continuing role of Islamic education through madrassahs and its implications for Western culture are accounted (Evans, 2006; Emadi, 2005) since these elements impact the educational systems provided in some of the largest Afghan refugee camps in other countries (Adelkah & Olzewska, 2007; Banzet & de Geoffroy, 2006; Hoodfar, 2007; Qahir & Kirk, 2007). Recent empirical studies on Afghan educational systems and the difficulty of extracting reliable and meaningful data from a war-ravaged infrastructure (Banzet & de Geoffroy, 2006; DeStefano, Moore, Balwanz & Hartwell, 2007; Mansory, 2007; Roshan, 2004) have serious implications for more specific interactions between international organizations and coalitions providing in-country supports (such as ISAFs ongoing security commitment) and the Afghan population.

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