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However, the transportation system has been a victim of internal failures. Many places inAmerica, especially economic capitals such asNew York, struggle with traffic problems as numerous vehicles throng the roads. Since the evolution of the basic car, developments have also been made to make the car into an experience, which has led to the introduction of big sport utility vehicles, minivans and personal trucks.

For large spenders, hybrid cars are viable alternatives. Hybrids use both gas and electricity. They are produced with a view to corporate social responsibility and aligned with environment protection.

“Since the first successful powered flight in 1903, airplane technology has advanced exponentially. In just over one hundred years, the airplane has progressed from a wood and cloth single pilot contraption to the sophisticated advanced piece of machinery we recognize today. Whether it is used to deliver goods or passengers, to protect and defend, or to gather research and data, the effects of the airplane’s presence are highly visible on a daily basis.” (Ward, & Depperschmidt, 2010)

“As far as politics is concerned, it is bound to collide with infrastructure in innumerable ways. On a metaphysical level, the two have nothing in common — one is a body of ideas resting on a set of subjective principles, the other is, well, a set of roads, bridges, buildings, etc. But the two nonetheless can’t really exist in modern society without finding themselves intertwined. And nowhere are these messy collisions more apparent than in cases where religious groups take out ads on public transit.” (Lafsky, 2010)

“Some of this transportation shortage had been dealt with in the early days by ‘post roads.’ Benjamin Franklin has as one of his many accomplishments the planning of postal roads to improve the carrying of mail. However, the Constitutional concept of America as a Union of sovereign states soon began to produce questions as to how much action the federal government should be allowed to take in building transportation infrastructure.

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