Sample Essay

Trompenaar’s Research on cultural difference between US & France:

Fons Trompenaars like Hofstede is a Dutch author who has been involved in cross cultural communication and has also researched on the cultural differences between United States and France. Trompenaars research is also fairly useful to demonstrate what cultural differences exist stuck between United States and France which can later be referenced to the case study of Euro Disneyland.

Trompenaars’s research has revealed that that there is higher percentage of Americans that respect truth and prefers telling truth to others. Americans have inherited this trait from their ancestors where as people from France are totally opposite of this which shows that they don’t honor trust and honesty in their behavior due to which it is pretty tough for them to adjust in with Americans or a set up that has been set up by Americans. To conclude with this statement and relate it with the case study it can be analyzed and well understood why French employees were not keen to work under American management at Euro Disneyland and wanted to have higher officials who were either French or could speak in French so that communication gap between them could be easily overcome.

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