The notion of true equality is hard to conceptualize and realize at the same time as purported by Homeland security agency. Attainment of true equality in security matters remains a dream whose time not yet reached. From my view, society professes equality with words, yet denying with actions. Very few people openly admit inequality in federal and public law administration. Examining many of federal laws and security operations result to direct perpetuation of justifiable inequality. For example, the famous affirmative action laws are a perfect example because they justify treating people unequally.

However, it is essential to realize that true equality is not theory or claim; it is a matter of legal opportunities. For instance, legal equality from security agency perspective it presupposes that local authority may not be a respecter of an individual. However, on operation this position is infringed upon person’s liberty citing that all rights depending on the situation or circumstances are bound to balancing. This way it points out that true equality is a laudable objective of law, but extremely difficult to attain in reality. This brings in an aspect that true equality from a security point of view is only equality in declaration.

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