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As yet there is no particular answer as to what the true purpose of dreams really is, and no one would probably ever even know. But one thing is for sure that our day-to-day activities greatly affect them and even the smallest details of activities and events of our day can create a major defining moment as to how you might dream at night. Numerous theories exist about the purpose of dreams. For example one theory states that dreams are a means to prepare us for what would be happening in the future. There are people who even believe that dreams help us predict what is about to happen and prepare ourselves for the worst.

For instance, if you are into sports, you might dream being in a game and doing really bad at it. This is the minds way to prepare you for something that you might be anxious about. On the other hand, dreams are also rather important to help us recall information that we pick up all through the day. Bits of pieces of information that are stored in our brain are recalled at night in the form of a dream by our brain even though this might go unnoticed by us. Another purpose of dreams is said to be to help us resolve our issues. As is said, “They are your ‘built-in therapist’ in a way. It is suggested that dreams represent problems you might be having. In certain situations people report that they woke up with a solution to a problem that has been puzzling them for days. Dreams can also help people connect two different events not occurring at the same time but, yet solve the problem” (The Purpose of Dreams, p.1).

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