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Francealso served as a turning point of Van Gogh’s life. He devoted most of the time he spent there in understanding his art, exploring the vast avenues that he had yet to discover and creating expressions that spoke volumes of the cultural and economic movements that lie beneath every household.

This period was a relatively lonesome and obscure period of Van Gogh’s life. He was commonly known as fou-rou, which meant crazy red-head by the people ofArlesand was regarded with a lot of doubt and contempt. He spent a lot of time communicating with his brother Theo that exemplifies the extent of his inability to converse with the people around him and convey his innermost feelings to them.

But the Roulin family was one that venerated his efforts and lauded him for his work. They were enthusiastic about participating as objects for his work and were generously patient as they sat through the ordeal.

Van Gogh clearly records the birth of Marcelle in his letters as he witnesses the happiness on the postman’s face when he gets to hold her in his hands. He is observer and worshipper of the love that holds the Roulin family together even in taxing times. Somewhere around 1895, art leaders began taking interest in Van Gogh’s artwork and then began to be sought after from then onwards.

Van Gogh was sympathetic of his friends’ deplorable economic situation and composed worrying remarks in the letter he wrote to his brother. He was emphatic to the struggle that the Roulin family persisted in and it was an honor for him to be part of such an experience. The Roulin family exhibited a southern countryside kind of warmth that Van Gogh would suffice with what little they had to offer and would marvel at their generosity.

Van Gogh made a total of twenty five paintings in the Roulin family collection; however there are quite a few controversies regarding this amount.

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