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The best way to spend free time these days for most of us is to watch TV. At the present time, to a greater extent, teenagers expend twice as much time watching the television, while the same time could be used in a better manner by reading books or playing outdoor games. From what is known, there are several opinions about watching television, some saying that it is very constructive, while the others believe that it is harmful. It is definitely harmful.
TV destroys virtuousness in children. The kids are enforced to get to learn about things that are not indispensable or appropriate for their age. For this reason, they turn out to be more developed earlier than their age. Because of the TV the innocence and babyish behavior related to children is lost, which is a god sent gift to mankind. Innocence brings about cheerfulness to the world, but because of immense television viewing children are not enjoying the contentment in the current world.
It is said that on average a child belonging to the United States of America watches about twenty five hours of television in one week. This is a report presented by the most recent twelve-monthly Media in the Home examination, carried out by the Annenberg Public Policy Center — a numeral considerably over and above the utmost boundary recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). It was previously suggested that children should not be watching more than just about two hours of television a day, but recent information presents to us that stricter guidelines should be brought ahead and children who are smaller than two years of age should not be allowed to watch television at all and older children should not be allowed to have their own televisions in their rooms (Miller, p.1).

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