Sample Essay

Since the day that the TV has been invented, much has changed since that time. In current times, a TV is a must-have in every single household, a t times even more than one set. It has more or less become a part of everyone’s lives as it is viewed throughout most of the day. Even though there are several advantages of watching TV but the disadvantages of watching too much TV on children surpass all of them.
TV’s have come down to being extremely well-liked and widespread. In every single household people have at least one or two TV sets, on which people spend too much time watching programs and shows which do not even bring us any knowledge. Somehow all adults and children become slaves of the television box. One finds it hard to talk to children particularly without anything being mentioned about the television, which proves that much of their lives are dedicated to the television. TV is viewed by families while having their dinner, supper, or even spending their free time, instead of taking up something more creative or something that would have far more advantages. Considering that the television displays a lot of violence in the programs, children are being subject to a lot of violence and brutality and somehow watching TV harms their development (Sedycias, p.1).

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