Sample Essay

The two main types of theorists in this field pertain to rights theorists and consequentialists. The right theorists debate that people are actually having absolute control over their lives and that they are free to do as they like. However the consequnetailists state that people are free and in control of their lives but to a certain extent. Instead they are also molded by their culture, their environment and their family and peers. The state that if a scope of the political and economic liberty is allowed then this results in well being and efficiency for the society. Therefore limitations have to be set in terms of government regulations, code of conduct, ethics and morality in order to make the society an efficient body.

Aside from this libertarians also tend to side with ethnic and self responsibility. They are strongly against charity, goodwill of the society as well as they state that it puts restrictions on the free will on the person and coerces the person to perform sacrifices which he/ she would be unwilling to perform in normal circumstances

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