Sample Essay

Tobogganing, another winter sports, is defined as “riding on a long light sled with low handrails” (WordNet). Tobogganing is famous with children for recreation and a sled is used to carry multiple people.

Snow boarding, similar to snow skiing, is “the act of sliding down a snow-covered slope while standing on a snowboard” (WordNet).  Jake Burton invented the snowboard that is similar to skateboard.

A more recent form of snow sports is skwal, latest version of snowboard and monoski. It is a board invented by “two French ski-school instructors Patrick “Thias” Balmain and Manuel Jammes, with the first prototype appearing in 1992” ( It gives the feeling of both skiing and snowboarding. Since it is difficult to understand, the skwal has till yet not attained popularity, however latest and different versions of it are produced by companies each year.


Snow sport is a major factor of snow tourism and influences a lot of other activities to take place. Snow sports attract a lot of tourists that in turn increases revenue and income for a country. It triggers a chain effect with tourists coming to enjoy snow sports need accommodation, sports equipment, suitable clothing, transportation and other stuff that only benefits the tourism but also the economy of that particular region enjoys a boom. Now that the tourism industry in general is suffering after 9/11, for snow tourism to grow worldwide, steps have to be taken to promote snow sports, which will provide attraction.

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