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When Fred encountered Toshiro in the case and presented the proposal in front of him, Toshiro did not react directly to the offer. He made suggestive noises but that is not adequate information to conclude that he was fully complacent of the recommendations that Fred was drafting up. Fred, along with his associate Ralph had aimed at impressing Toshiro with their ideas; however, the Japanese man did not contest Fred’s opinion and gave in to his claim. Fred, for the urge to make himself understood by the Japanese, summarized the whole proposition and reasserted the notion that whatever he was purporting was the right thing to do. This did not have the action he desired. Instead the Japanese felt flustered by Fred’s overwhelming claim and gave into his plans.

When Ralph took security measures by reconfirming Toshiro’s intentions regarding the report, he discovered that an unsettled Toshiro had inquired if the Americans fired employees for being late with reports. (Bailey, p.4) When Toshiro did not provide him with a reassuring reply, Ralph decided to put the man at ease and took him out for an informal meeting. This helped in bringing the inhibited fears out of the Japanese man and he confessed that it was impossible to complete the report within the timeframe allocated to him.

At the expense of fighting and contesting the American’s claims, the Japanese man found it easier and less threatening to submit initially and then coerce his point of view as meticulously and constructively through failure of compliance. The Japanese man had already chalked out his destiny by making that inquiry. He had made an evaluation of what was imminent lest he failed to show up with distinguishable results. “Individuals in a weak uncertainty avoidance culture, like theUSare less uncomfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity. Companies in such a country tend to be less rule-oriented than companies in strong uncertainty avoidance countries.” (Lere & Portz, 2005)

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