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So what is the reason behind us having dreams? Do they serve a particular purpose? Even though numerous theories have been presented, not one single theory has been agreed upon. Bearing in mind the fact that time we spend in the state of dreaming is quite a bit, the verity that researchers have as yet not been able to understand the purpose behind dreams is somewhat impenetrable. But we must note that science and people related to this field are still making efforts to figure out the true purpose dreams.
There are researchers who believe that dreams have no real purpose, while on the other hand there are others who believe that dreams are necessary for our mental, emotional and physical health.  Psychological theories of dreams pay much attention to our feelings and emotions, and contemplate that dreams have much to do with recent happenings in our lives, for example, left over work from the day, or family concerns, or things that we believe are out of our control etc. They believe that dreams can at times educate us about things we are not even aware of.

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