Sample Essay

Another very important aspect that can be taken into consideration before finishing a project would be whether a company has introduced a product that is far better than the product that we have at hand. If the other company has introduced such a product, then the demand for the product whose development and launching process is not complete yet would have very less chances of being in demand by the general public. The public would definitely choose the better product that has been brought about by the other company and this would lead to no sales and this is a step which would prove that the hard work and the millions of dollars that have been put into the development and launch of the product. The other better product would already have a good placement in the market already (as the product has been introduced and the product we have is still under development) and even after the launch of our product it would not have the position that the other product has already gained in the market thereby bringing about a downfall for the company and a major loss of revenues and energy.

Another reason for making such a bold and dangerous decision would be dependent on whether the product at hand has become somewhat obsolete. This is somehow linked with all the previously mentioned reasons. If the product has become old, no one would be interested in it as such thereby ensuring the fact that people would rarely wish to buy it, thereby also proving the fact that its development and launch are not required in the market as such and it would be a loss or even a waste of revenues. Millions of dollars would go wasted in such a product as it is not needed by the general public and if the general public is not interested in it then there is no need for it to be introduced and placed in the market in the first place. If shareholders realize this fact then they would definitely wish to withdraw from the development process of such a project as it would ensure their fear that the revenues would go wasted and the launch would not return the millions of dollars that they have invested in the development.

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