Sample Essay

This will include the review of the previous plan and then the changes will be made by the marketing department and accepted by the management then the display shall become final. Since there are 5 major activities with sub tasks and since updating will include a careful review of the plan in order to make the much needed changes to make the show a success thus this activity will be given 2 week. I shall make sure these activities are being done on time since it is just 16 hours per week for the project which means around 2.5 hours per day for the project since all employees have to give time to their work as well. The training of the staff shall begin simultaneously and a team from the marketing department shall begin the sales staff training. But Pat will assist them in the training of the staff. The clothes of the sales staff will also have to be ordered so their sizes will be taken and the clothes shall be designed by the marketing department.

Thus the attributes mentioned above such as technology, human resources, organizational environment, business strategy are important ingredients to determining what a successful and an appropriate organizational structure could be. The first step in deciding the organizational structure is to grouping tasks into jobs. This is followed by grouping jobs into functions, functions into divisions and later divisions into appropriate structures.  The structures themselves grow as the organizations and are divided accordingly by the managers. (Jones G. , 1995)

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