Sample Essay

The organization laid its foundations way back in 1920. It all began with this team of farm boys inclusive of Ray Waushara. They instantly became known as the hog boys for their consistency in winning races.  They had a hog and a page as their sign. After every win, they would put the hog on their Harley and then go about taking a victory lap. In 1983, they marked the formation of a club exclusively for the owners of the product. The long standing nickname “hog” was soon turned into an acronym H.O.G, exclusively designed for the Harley Owners. Harley Davidson also tried to trade mark “hog”. However, its efforts were to go in vain when they lost a case in an independent Harley Davidson specialist, The Hog Farm of West Seneca, NY in 1999. August 15, 2006 marked the inauguration of the famous NYSE ticker symbol. Harley Davidson changed to HDI from HOG.

The company had become technically bankrupt in 1970, was ecstatic on August 2003. That’s when they celebrated their 100th birthday. It had ended up becoming successful in letting go of the product and marketing doldrums and had become successful in emerging as the market leader of the U.S heavyweight motor cycle industry. It had been the bearer of at least 50% market share in the last 18 years in the United States. On the global level, it was the maestro of at least 32 percent of overall share. Fortune was quoted as claiming that Harley ranked amongst the top growth stocks ever since 1989. Its average gains were only thirty seven percent behind that of Microsoft. Microsoft raced up to 42 percent in 1986.

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