Sample Essay

The evolution of the internet pertaining to the increase in online shopping, trade of online and electronic greeting cards as well as online malls, grocery and departmental stores has enabled people to transfer their parcels by booking them though the internet only.

Moreover the integration of banking functions with the internet has now also reduced the need for the people to transfer and pay their bill through the USPS. This has reduced the demand and the utilization of theUnited Statespolice Service by The population of theUnited States, resulting in a large and substantial decrease in the revenues for USPS. “On of the first issues Henderson covers is the USPS’s loss of about $700 million dollars in revenue for that fiscal year (Annual-1999 8).  It seems that the Internet was knocking profits out of commodities at a very rapid pace, and people were using electronic services more than other purchasing methods.  The new consumerism in America was taking its toll on the USPS.” (Albright, 2001)

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