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The idea of value chain management, as originally given by Michael Porter, is one that seeks to bring together primary activities and support activities. The purpose of addressing each primary and support activity individually is to ensure that the association and working relationship between each activity is clearly defined. It is imperative to note that this Value Chain Management model considers all the elements of the value chain, regardless of the external nature of some, to be part of the organization and its functions. The purpose of the value chain and its management therefore is to bring about an increase in the organization’s overall performance and addressing business results as the key area of change. For the purpose of this paper and to avoid ambiguity in further discussion, this paper will consider Value Chain Management under the following context:
“The value chain concept offers management a means by which they can evaluate both existing and new strategic opportunities to create customer and partner value. Essentially the value creation system is an analytical tool; it facilitates the identification and evaluation of strategic alternatives” (Walters & Rainbird, 2007).

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