• The first variable is demographic variable and it refers to the individual statistics such as gender, location, family size, income, education, and ethnicity. Segmentation can be used on the basis of values and lifestyles.
  • Some consumers prefer to be similar to others while others want to isolate themselves from the crowd.
Behaviour can also be used for segmentation. Some of the consumers are brand loyal; these customers have the tendency of sticking to their preferred brands even if there is a competitor in the market.

When targeting one of the segments, the choice depends on several factors and they include; (a) how the existing segments are served by the other manufacturers, it is quite difficult to appeal a segment that is already being served well, (b) the largeness of the segment and how it is expected to grow, a quickly growing segment tends to attract more competition (c) the capability of the company to attract a particular type of group of consumers, many firms have an already established reputation (Perner, 2010).

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