Targeting, positioning, and segmentation all combine a three stage process. The first stage is the determination of the type of customers that exist in that location (Perner, 2010). In this case, the customer types being targeted are of the ages between 13 – 25 years. The second stage is the selection of the customers who are fit to be served and, the last stage is the implementation of the segmentation by optimization of the company’s services and products for that segment (Perner, 2010).

Segmentation entails finding out the existence of different types of consumers and their varying needs. Experience has shown that companies that concentrate on meeting the desires of a section of consumers over the others have the tendency of becoming profitable. Concentrated strategy involves one firm choosing one of the several customer segments in existence and leaving the other section to competitors. The target customers are usually offered services at low prices (Perner, 2010). For this company, concentrated strategy is the best because its focus is on a section of the consumers (13 – 25 years old). The services set to be offered will be provided at a low price.

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