Essay: Varied Ethical Considerations in Group Counseling

Essay: Varied Ethical Considerations in Group Counseling

On the other hand, a rapist may choose to attend group-counseling sessions due to varied ethical considerations. Firstly, group counseling allows members to interact with other clients who might as well be in need of similar services. As such, an individual experiences a sense of belonging and are able to have a group they all identify with. Second, individual counseling deprives an individual the experience of different perspectives and creativity that is typical of group therapies. Further, group counseling enhances commitment of group members and creates an environment where people express themselves honestly and freely.

Counseling requires immense leadership qualities that include the ability to form and dissolve a group by being supportive of all group members. Tolerance is a leadership trait that helps counselors to cultural, racial religious and other backgrounds. In addition to instilling problems solving skills, a leader ought to ensure that they are able to choose the right intervention strategies.

During the process of group counseling, ethical challenges that are rife include selecting the group, issues surrounding involuntary and coercive participation, ensuring confidentiality and making follow up on the clients remain huge challenges in attainment of the goals of a group therapy.

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