Sample Essay

The headship character that the old guard Bolsheviks saw was one of communist restraint which led to the eventual victory of Communism in Russia. When taken in to consideration, one can conclude that the use of the term “disease” with no trouble could be merely referring to any and every resistance, based within the country or even abroad, to their Communist principles. These eliminations were what Rubashov got strangled in and this was the web which led to his imprisonment. Its plans were fixed by the standard that the conclusion gives good reason for the ways that were used to reach the end without any omission.

The century was such that there is no doubt in saying that it was diseased, but the disease was wide-spread because of their personal exploitation of authority, not western open-mindedness or even their earlier government’s malfunctioning. Unluckily for Rubashov, this persistent willpower was the similar “healing knife” that in due course leads to his capital punishment. Their healing knife of insurgency in the end severed Rubashov and innumerable other people out of power and also took away the basic principles of the revolution from the new Soviet outline. Regrettably, all voices that arose against the mistakes and drawbacks of the system were made quiet by Number One, the leader. The term “healing knife” can also be considered to be used so as to portray a sort of obstinate way of thinking that the revolutionaries could not get out of at that point in time and “nothing could stand in their way. ” (Koestler, p. 193). Here we can easily comprehend that “Number one” along with his followers believed that the general good was the inspiration for their judgments. They further believed that the deprived low lives could not gather the mastermind of their oppressive domination.

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