Meanwhile, the war between North Vietnam and the government of South Vietnam was escalating and LBJ seemed to be drawn to the Domino theory that stated that if one country fell to communist forces, then it was only a matter of time before the countries surrounding it would follow suit (Gallucci 178). He therefore expanded the war by increasing the number of American military troops in Vietnam. Initially, his predecessor, J.F.

Kennedy had formed a policy of the disengagement of 1000 American troops from Vietnam by 1963. Kennedy believed that Southern Vietnam was well able to deal with the guerrilla attacks fuelled by their northern counterparts and supporters of communism. On the other hand, LBJ insisted that the U.S.  government had a duty to provide security to the South region of Vietnam against the so-called National Liberation Front rebels (NLF) (Herring 102). The Southern Part of Vietnam was allied to the U.S. government while the Northern region had support from other communist countries.

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