There are many organizations where this model has worked wonders and has delivered value. Angela Baron (Organization and Resourcing Adviser at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), aptly portrays why the implementation has failed. She says that it is because although people have agreed with the ideas presented they have been unable to do more than just change the titles of their HRM people, without conducting any proper training and briefing sessions regarding the model.

Taking the view point of the UK pubic services firms, these have adopted the Ulrich model and according to a report (Dean 2009):

“It is also notable that the UK made important in-roads in some areas such as fast-tracking high potential new entrants and dealing seriously with poor performance prior to the launch of recent HR reforms.” (Dean 2009)

Here the recent reforms in consideration are those in following with the Ulrich model and the statement amply signifies that the reforms, though early in stage are having a positive impact on the organization. Moreover, the report further opines that these reforms are a perfect fit with the vision of the UK government which is focused on outcomes as is the model proposed by Ulrich.

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