Often children watch violent TV programs where a character commits a lot of crimes and the television ends up crafting a hero out of such violent character which is unprecedented, how do you become a hero by committing crime?. In such cases, a child will emulate the same violent acts in situations where he/she values the character as a role model. This shows that violent TV shows feed the children with wrong ideas that crime creates fame. On the other hand, violent TV shows contain frightening and horrible scenes which affects a child’s view of life as a whole.

In this way, a child will live knowing that life is always cruel and that “the real-world violence is more common and the world is less safe” (Watson and Skinner 334). Therefore, the child will live with fear and trauma, thereby making him/her to worry and anxious about everything in life. This is because a child cannot differentiate between a fact and fiction and therefore the stories they watch on TV shows reflect in their daily lives as if they were real. Consequently, children exposed to violent television programs, develop fear and attitudes that the word is so mean that they might be victims of violence in life.

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