It is about that time that the society wakes up to the reality that the children are not heading in the right direction. Instead of condemning them, it would be much better if these children were given the loving and attention that they need so much.  There is the need to stop focusing on what has happened and issuing out of blame and pointing fingers.

Instead, what the society needs to do is glorify the good number of youth who are still leading disciplined lives, and use them as an example to rehabilitate the few in-disciplined ones who are engaged in acts of crime. The youth are the future of the country. If this issue is not resolved by the society, we shall end up having a very bad society in the future, full of violence and acts of crime and injustice. The promotion of mutual respect among members of the community will decrease the number of cases reported concerning violent youths and thus the society will be back to living a quiet peaceful life one again.

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