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Marketing management in recent years has gained a lot of recognition and importance in all large organizations and SME’s as true meaning and significance of marketing has been greatly realized (Kelly, 2009). As organizations keep on bringing new brands into the market, the need of educating target audience has become so important for organizations that they have began drafting marketing plans in order to inform the target audience about their company profile, their brands and their uniqueness in terms of products, services offered by their competitors. Keeping in view of such situations, marketing management has gained rapid importance in corporate world (Ben, 2009).

Virgin Blue & services offered

Virgin Blue is one of the airline service that is being operated in Australia. The company started its operations in year 2000 and since then the company kept on prospering with the strategy if being a low cost carrier by providing low fare to the passengers who wanted to travel within Australia. The company’s success led to the Airline getting listed in Australian stock exchange and most of its shares were in hold of virgin group.

Being a low cost airline, Virgin blue has kept its image just like high profile airlines like Emirates, Etihad, Qantas and many others by providing services to its customers which are never provided by the low fare airlines like Air Asia and Ryan Air.

The services that are provided by Virgin Blue are plenty such as online bookings and check in, booking rent a car and hotels online, planning a holiday trip, providing timetable schedule of the flights over cell phones etc.

Other services include, offering in-flight services to the passengers so that they can entertain well, offering customized meals, providing seating arrangement for the passengers of their like, leg room options and many more. All these options are the ones that are offered to the passengers travelling in premium airlines not in the low fare airlines but Virgin Blue with its efficient strategy has made its brand image different and unique as compared to other airlines.

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