Sample Essay

Brand positioning is one of the key tactics that a company uses in order to be successful in achieving its targets. Brand positioning means when a company positions its offerings in the minds of the target audience making them perceive what actually they think about the offering. This strategy is used by Top Brands normally to make their target audience feel positive about their products (Colin, 2009).

Virgin blue has been pretty much successful in its brand positioning strategy. They have certainly changed their image as a low cost carrier to an airline that can be compared to any big names in Airline industry. By offering all fine and high class services to their customers, the airline has simply made the customers realize that the Virgin blue service is different from all low cost carriers that are being operated in the world. The target market has simply responded in a favor to what strategy that has been applied by Virgin Blue. Their image for the airline has been so positive and strong that they don’t consider it any low quality service airline but instead are already in position to compare its services with their national and other international airlines.

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