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It all started in 1958, when an inquiry was launched into the military space and organization of the territory which was then claimed as the Atlantic wall. The 15,000 Nazi bunkers constructed it during World War II alongside the coastline of France to repel any Allied assault —.

Virilio intensified his explorations within the Architecture Principe group. An important yet overlooked aspect of Virilio’s work since the beginning has been his continued proximity to a psychologically based gestalt’s theory of perception and vision. This theory was not only primarily responsible for Virilio and Parent’s development of the concept of the ‘oblique function’ but also for their development of the ‘bunker church’ in Never in 1966. Inadvertently, Virilio continued to widen his theoretical sweep, pointing out  in the 1970s, for example, that the drastic and rapid militarization of the contemporary cityscape was causing what Deleuze and Guattari  (Clausewitz)conceptualized as the ‘deterritorialization’ of capitalist urban space . Virilio termed it as the arrival of the speed or what many claim as the chronopolitics. While assessing the frightening dromological fall-out from the communications technology revolution in information transmission critiqued over the plight and future of revolutionary resistance against pure power.

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