Sample Essay

Although Virilio is known for the innumerable short pieces and architectural drawings, he came up with in the 1960s. His first major work was a master piece in its own right. It was a photographic and philosophical study of the architecture of war entitled Bunker Archeology (Armitage)He continued with his work and in the process came up…

  • with Speed & Politics: An Essay on Dromology before moving on to
  • The Aesthetics of Disappearance
  •  War and Cinema:
  • The Logistics of Perception
  •  Politics of the Very Worst
  • Polar Inertia
  • The Information Bomb and, most recently,
  • Strategy of Deception

It has been only very recently that the magnitude and impact of Virilio’s cultural theory has recently begun to be recognized the English-speaking world. This situation is probably not a surprise because irrespective of several international speaking invitations weekly, he would barely leave Paris and even today seldom converses in public outside France. Virilio subsequently gave up on teaching in 1998. Currently he is resorted to writing and working with private organizations concerned with working to rehabilitate the homeless in Paris.

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