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Virtual Private Network which is more commonly known to all as VPN can be defined as a private data network for which the public telecommunication infrastructure is put to use, preserving confidentiality by making use of a tunneling protocol as well as various security measures. The concept of a VPN came into being while taking into consideration the requirements of companies to have the same network based capabilities at much lesser cost by using the joint public infrastructure instead of a private one. In clear words, a virtual private network is a, “network scheme in which portions of a network are connected via Internet, but information sent across the Internet is encrypted. The result is a “virtual network” which is also part of a larger network entity.
This allows users to privately share private information over a public infrastructure. VPNs are often used to connect offices” (Virtual Private Networks, p.1).
Virtual Private Networks definitely have certain advantages as compared to the conventional network technologies. VPN presents unswerving cost savings over leased lines or long-distance calls for distant communication, investments and savings ensuing from cheap preparation necessities and tools, augmented litheness, scalability, and safety. The most important benefit of VPN is the expenditure savings of Internet VPN when compared to networks created using usual leased lines. While using leased lines one has to pay taxes that have a setting up fee, a permanent monthly rate, and a mileage fee as well. The price to an organization of conventional leased lines may be evenhanded at first but the prices keep on increasing with time especially when the organization starts to grow. Once the organization begins expanding, more and more companies are added to the network, because of which the number of leased lines increases as well. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are a trouble-free and gainful way to connect two or more networks over the Internet. This is usually done so by making use of encrypted tunnels for safety and effectiveness. VPNs use encapsulated and encrypted IP packets and carry them all the way through leased Local Area Network (LAN) lines.

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