Although the interview process is time consuming, yet this approach provided valuable and useful information and clarification. During the interview responses were sought against the following five major questions which allowed the researcher to base codes on these basic major questions:

1. Do you feel that the use of virtual reality as a communication device is resulting in the creation of any undesirable influences?

2. Have you thought about how far you might the BBS situation been solved? Follow up questions: Why do you feel that? Could you say a little more?

3. Are there any factors you think might impede or prevent the solution process?

4. What sort of benefits has been gained from allowing greater international access?

5. There has been a strong impact of the Wemer society using the BBS as felt by the government. What do you believe is that and the reason for that?

The first theme dealt with the use of Virtual reality and it resulting in the creation of the unwanted influences. In order to tackle this question, the students were asked a number of minor questions as well which would be presented in the following research which tackled their concept of being members of Wemer community etc. The findings of those questions would also be addressed under the theme of virtual reality.

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