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Definition: a virtual work environment is a  computer-generated, three-dimensional representation of a setting in which the worker perceives themselves to be in an office  and within which interaction takes place. These workplaces are becoming more and more common nowadays and will continue to grow in the future. A virtual work place has its own problems like setup and maintenance costs, loss of cost efficiencies, cultural clashes, isolation, and lack of trust. However these can be overcome if managers start concentrating on two things: Shift from a focus on time to a focus on results; and recognize that virtual workplaces, instead of needing fewer managers, require better supervisory skills among existing managers.

Gone are the days when an employee had to sign in at a particular time into an office and sign out also at a given time. Taking a day off or even a half day off was considered to be a sin. Now an employee not only works from 9 to 5, but he works 24 hours, since its his own time.

One of the benefits that an employee gains out of a virtual workplace is the ability to avoid the daily commute to and from work. Due to the increased traffic and lack of traffic sense, this imposed stress on workers thus reducing performance. It not only saves time, but expenses also which is a great motivator for a worker. It also saves them the trouble of getting ready in record time to go to work. Experts say that giving an employee his/her own space helps him/her to get comfortable with their job. Some people do not enjoy an office environment and would rather have a space of their own familiarity to work in. Allowing this may also increase productivity.

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