Sample Essay

Some psychologists also believe an employee’s effectiveness may also increase due to the external distractions provided by the virtual workplace. In an office, there are lots of things going on and even unwantingly a worker gets distracted and this somewhat slows down work. At home work stations are set by choice where there is least amount of disturbance and more time can be spent on each task assigned.

Since it also allows them to have a life outside work, it decreases stress and hence increases performance. Employees can more effectively manage their time, workload and performance. They can enjoy quality time with their children, enjoy and participate in their school activities and even take them on holidays without really affecting their work, thanks to the worldwide access to the internet and its fast speed. They can make a safe and secure working environment which suits them.

Lots of big companies like IBM and Shell are enjoying the benefits of retaining their employees by allowing them to work from their homes .We can see this through the amount of rising profits that they make each year.

I think more and more companies should start shifting to virtual work environments which will make work not a burden but an enjoyable exercise.

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