Sample Essay

All the virtues of Gawain as a knight are tested by all means before he reaches the Green Knight (Glenn, p.1). Throughout his journey he faces dangers posed by him because of being alone in the wilderness, he charms all the people present in the castle by his personality and virtue, and later he also easily rejects the offers made to him by the lady of the castle. While doing all of this, Gawain also manages to remain firm and honest to his belief and religion. First of all, he portrays loyalty towards hi religion and according to the author, had he not done so he would have faced major problems throughout his journey.

Secondly, Gawain showed brotherhood to those present in thecastleofBertilakand then, “Gawain must be protected in the area that was a weakness in the Pentangle’s own deviser: his pure mind. When the lord’s wife sneaks into his bedroom and sits on his bed, he immediately is aware of his danger, but “signs himself swiftly, as safer to be / with art.” After some banter back and forth, this beautiful woman, who Gawain thinks “excelled the queen [Guinevere] herself” says to him” (Matias, p.1 and Anonymous, p.43). Sir Gawain passes this test with courtesy and chivalry even though the lady makes a number of attempts with various tricks but he remains virtuous and clean.

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