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It could be stated that there are many reasons to encourage people to attend events such as to have fun and to entertain themselves. Bowdin et al. (2011) show that one of the reasons to encourage people to attend events because the increase in work through industrialisation has made people feel stressed and events provide the opportunity for people to feel relax from their work as the purpose of events is to entertain people, have fun and have a good time from attending events. Furthermore, Getz (1997) explain more in-depth the consumer decision-making process for attending events that can be seen in figure 2.2.

To conclude this chapter, the event is one important area in the tourism industry that could help destinations to attract more tourists to their destinations and events, especially sports events, could help destinations to raise brand awareness and create a positive destination image to the rest of the world. Hallmann and Breuer (2009, p.67) state that ‘sport events are often regarded as mere communication tools in order to promote the destination best’. There are lots of benefits to the regions that host sports events such as improving the region’s economy, improving the city’s image and increasing community pride. This is why many cities want to host sports events. Kaplanidou and Vogt (2007) support that many destinations use sports events as their marketing tool to create destination awareness, improve destination image and attract tourists to the destinations because sports events could attract new tourists and loyal sports tourists. Eastbourne is one of destinations to use sport events to attract tourists to their region, and sports events could also help them to change people’s attitude about their place because many people tend to think Eastbourne is an old people’s town. Therefore, this research aims to investigate the role of sport events to attract tourists to Eastbourne and how sports events could help to build city’s image. This study purposes to examine the following set of hypotheses:

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