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Finally, at the end of the novel what has been presented to us is contentment in hoisting vegetables. This has been presented by means of a garden. Perhaps there is a symbolic reverberation to it. Perhaps related to Adam and Eve, but for Adam and Eve the garden is the commencement of their dilemma, but in the book, it is the end of all worries. It is the finish of the account, the ending of their expedition, their voyage, and the ending of their travails. No work was required by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to have fruits of the garden; but this garden necessitates labor, and steady tending.

Here what can be believed is that the garden here stands for much, more in a very dissimilar way than the presentation of the biblical garden. A grip of life, but what has life been taken for? For all the dismay, adversity, and nightmares that the characters of the books go through all the way through the complete route of the text, eventually, they embrace life.

The prosperity of appropriate material is immense for increasing the reader’s perceptive of the rational ambiance that Voltaire is critiquing. The segments of the Pope and the passages of Voltaire’s communication are informative (Voltaire, p. 1-190).


In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that Voltaire Candide and Related Texts is a very good book which can be recommended for everyone with an interest in narration, psychology, way of life, and literature.

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