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The book that has been taken into consideration is a marvelous as well as an imperative chronological work in literature. Voltaire was a Renaissance Christian humanist who took part in the growth of the Enlightenment. First of all, the composition of his narrative Candide is Homeric, it is of the expedition description, the conqueror who is a person that is multifaceted, but it is a mocking reorganization of that traditional theme of the champion on an expedition. The author of the book has attacked a number of leaders, aristocrats and the community in large. The question here rises about the significance of the expedition in Candide. What meaning does the quest have in the classical sense? Basically learning is what the quest is all about.

Traditionally it has been believed that during a quest, the hero leaves so as to obtain some kind of knowledge along with skills so as to help him or her ratify the expedition, conquer the impediments that are faced by them and then come back to their people so as to make everyone better, to reinstate the community. This is where comes in the importance of the structure of the expedition, and the evaluation of information by Voltaire. As has been said by numerous philosophers, people make out deficiencies of the world as they have no understanding of the plan. Now, definitely Voltaire does not believe this theory, or even that there has to be a god. Hence in the story he mocks the thought that the human race is totally excellent. A vast part of the narrative is a lampoon dealt with the concept that the optimists who observe innumerable revulsions and astonishing unfairness for example floggings, muggings, and tremors will constantly come across a way to write it off. He believes that they come up with things like everything happens for a reason and that such things are a symbol of human unkindness, unawareness and barbarism.

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