As far as the South Asian State, Pakistan is concerned, it has become a strong ally of US in fighting the war of terrorism in recent years since the reign of President Parvez Musharraf. Besides that, the country itself is faced with the internal terrorism due to religious and sectarian violence. After the Soviet-Afghan war of 1980, the primary stages of terrorism started taking its roots deep down the country of Pakistan. This war became a source of bringing in numerous well-trained fighters into South Asia from the entire world and this tactics got the name of jihad. These fighters kept on carrying out disturbing insurgent activities in the country and the 9/11 incident were remarked of bringing the country under intense scrutiny by the international countries.

The South Asian countries also played another role in carrying out the alliance with the United States in combating terrorism. Pakistan was given the military aid amounting to $9 million and then an increased amount of $4.2 billion in aid just before the 9/11 attacks from America. The large portion of these funds had to be used to buy weapons and other elements of warfare in order to suppress the human rights of the civilians to cater to problems occurring in Baluchistan. Later, the United States had also undertaken to conduct the line of military attacks and strikes on the militants of Al Qaeda in Yemen. Later, it increased the package of its military aid to Yemen to $121 million for the developments and reworking of the country in subsequent years.

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