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Undeniably, Dell and HP are competitors in nearly every market. Another fact is that Dell is now managing to pick up some of HP’s market share, taking over most of the business that was previously ruled by HP, Hewlett-Packard is making a vast number of efforts so as to draw alongside with its newer, stronger opponent. Hewlett-Packard can be found by all in nearly every business field as Dell, but with, to a great extent, elevated fixed price. An amalgamation with Compaq has turned out to be helpful for the company. But certain aspects of the company reveal that Hewlett Packard has not been able to change much in the last couple of years. The company is present in a number of business fields, but most of the proceeds still come from printing. Like Dell, HP manufactures and sells PCs and servers and tenders services. Financing along with a huge printing business make up for HP’s wide-ranging contributions. But while taking the profits into consideration, printing throws in sixty five percent of HP’s income; personal computers bring in only 1 percent.
AN elevation of the market share is perhaps the most basic objective of nearly every single company that exists. HP needs to take certain steps so as to protect its market share against Dell. The first and foremost requirement of doing so is to maintain the trust that the customers have in the brand. For this the company needs to make sure that the quality of products that is being provided to the customers is the best. Even  a single carelessness or drawback in the quality of services and products can take away the trust that a customer holds in the company, which would definitely lead to  a downfall in the sales of the company there by taking away its share in the market and income. Customer satisfaction in short should be guaranteed. Another step in this regard is to maintain a level of customer services which can guarantee the acquisition of all kinds of services by the customers. This is so because it is the customers and the services that are provided to them that guarantees the well-being of the company.

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