Sample Essay

Teachers can teach critical thinking to their students by helping them to create  a habit of judgment which creates the reasoning power, teachers present situations to students to explore and solve any  related problems this creates a challenge for the student to start developing his thinking power, once the student starts thinking then the teacher can guide him to proper reading that can improve his thinking ability, the teachers play a great role in developing the mind to become critical thinkers, as teachers can point out the difference of facts and personal judgments by explaining logical evaluation, it is the teacher who helps the student to develop different skills and values.

Teachers can teach Critical Thinking by allowing students to ask questions, students must be allowed to discuss and interact with each other, thus group study produces good results, it helps to find problems and see similarity between situations; finally the teacher must transfer his skills to the students and this can only happen if teachers provide opportunities to the students to recognizes the skills by applying the skills in different situations which is a vital step towards learning Critical Thinking.

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