Sample Essay

Weaknesses for Ford Australia are that it is not really marketing its new models effectively due to which the target market is unaware of the new models and yet the sales remain low for Ford. On the other hand the competitors are doing well in marketing activities due to which they are able to grab substantial share in the market. Other weakness for Ford Australia is that in recent years the company has been recalling many of its vehicles due to faults and other errors made during production and assembly which has resulted in potential customers having concerns and doubts on Ford’s automobiles.

Opportunities for Ford motor Company Australia exist in large number as the company can research well into the market and explore segments which are yet to be explored and cater those needs appropriately. Ford can also speed up its production process in Australia so that it can export large number of cars to Asia and other regions. Threats consist of many areas of concerns for Ford Australia in form of aggressive actions from competitors in pricing and car models. Competitors have been attacking on Ford in recent years to get higher market share. Rising prices of Raw materials in Australia for car production has also raised concerns for Ford Australia. Hence increasing competition and high raw material prices for car productions remain as threats for Ford Australia (Bak, 2003, p.101).

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