Sample Essay

The story of Beowulf presents to us numerous inspirations for the various characters. For instance, the first motivation for Beowulf is adventure, but his constrain in a while revolutionizes with the changes in the situations and circumstances.  In the beginning, Beowulf is called upon so as to murder Grendel who has been horrifying the Hrothgar’s village. Beowulf, enthusiastic for exciting activity, speedily acknowledges the mission and brings his men to murder the enormous fiend.

Beowulf’s incentive rapidly turns to continued existence after he is detained by Grendel’s mother. Beowulf came to know about true terror when his bludgeon botched him in opposition to the monster’s charmed skin. He only just escaped death by getting his hands on an ancient sword that would go through the skin of the monster. By the conclusion of the story, Beowulf’s inspiration alters to that of self-importance. When a dragon starts to attack his villages, Beowulf believes that he has to slay the dragon in the same way that he did the other two monsters so many years before. He is warned by his followers that he will definitely face defeat, but he goes on nevertheless declaring that he has to save his kingdom. He is terminally wounded in the encounter, but with the assistance of one of his men he is capable of defeating the dragon previous to his death. Another appealing factor related to the story is that as Beowulf turns more and more reliant on substance goods (for example people, riches, weapons, etc.), he becomes more remote from the devout.

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